Temporary Staffing


At Hays, we place over 150 professionals per year into temporary roles. Our partners are increasingly choosing this form of employment because of its flexibility and speed. We provide solutions in a wide range of industries and specialisations (from administrative positions to engineering, IT and programming).

More and more companies are opting for temporary recruitment for white-collar positions as well. In these cases, the employment period can be 2-3 months or even 5 years.

When and why choose temporary staffing?

The need for temporary workers usually arises due to staff shortages, increased workload or high turnover within the company. Contact us if you:

  • feel your own HR team is overwhelmed
  • want to check the skills of your prospective employee beforehand
  • need a professional, but due to the hiring freeze you can't hire more employee
  • are looking for a replacement for unexpected or prolonged absences
  • only need an employee for a seasonal job

How can we help you?

We support your company's recruitment process from finding and interviewing the right candidates to issuing an offer to the selected candidate. We also provide strategic advice on recruitment that best fits your company's objectives, operations and culture.

Our team reduces your administrative burdens on recruitment by taking care of the payroll, the check-in and check-out of employees, and the management of attendance reports and holiday sheets.

How do we work?

  1. Pre-consultation (discussion of expectations and competences)
  2. Compilation of the strategic recruitment plan
  3. Presentation of candidates
  4. Coordination of interviews
  5. Candidates' employment and payroll

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