Recruitment Process Outsourcing

There are numerous cases where a company - for strategic, business development or other reasons - wants to hire a large number of employees in a short period of time. Another common example is when a foreign company plans to set up a remote headquarters in Hungary, but is unsure how to recruit staff because they are not familiar with the labour market conditions in the country. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO for short) proves to be an efficient solution in such cases.

With more than 15 years of experience in various labour market solutions, we have a comprehensive knowledge of this segment.

What is RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing (also known as RPO) is when you outsource some or all of your recruitment activities to our agency.
How does RPO work?

A dedicated person or a whole team will be assigned to your company's recruitment department to act as an "extended" hand and to help you achieve your recruitment goals successfully. 

To ensure efficiency, our consultants will become part of your team: they will work with decision-makers throughout the duration of the project, operating under your brand name, fully integrated into the life of the company. Their aim is to manage the recruitment process in a way that is consistent with your corporate culture. 

Our sector and field-specific expertise is your guarantee that we will "deliver" the most suitable workforce for your company.

Through our RPO solutions, we facilitate the recruitment and selection process so that your company can focus on "only" its core business objectives.

RPO Services

  • Workforce planning and market forecasting
  • Attracting talent and finding candidates online 
  • Screening, assessment and selection
  • Interviewing
  • Offer management
  • Compliance and background checks
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Indicator setting and reporting
  • Technology management


Benefits of the service

Our service is the right choice in terms of time, cost, quality and efficiency if you are planning to recruit more staff in the near future. When sourcing professionals, we make sure that we not only find the right talent, but also the best fit for your company culture. While our primary focus is on finding the best talents in the shortest possible time, our service has many other benefits:

  • Sector-specific knowledge: our consultants are all experienced experts with global knowledge of the labour market in their industry. Their expertise is fully integrated into your company's HR processes during the recruitment process.
  • Direct database: over the years, we have built up a database of over 40 000 potential candidates, giving us direct access to the most talented professionals.
  • Cost-cutting solution: the time spent on finding the wrong person results in unnecessary rounds of interviews, and also costs a lot of money. Because our service is time-based, our costs are predictable and our experienced consultants can help you find the ideal candidates quickly.
  • Transparent cooperation: we provide regular status feedback on the current status of the proccess, so that the current status of recruitment remains transparent for both parties.
  • Knowledge sharing: Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge and expertise, we apply the latest and most effective recruitment technologies, which our consultants will share with your current HR team to increase the efficiency of your recruitment-selection process.
  • Strengthening your employer brand: we also provide marketing support to help you strengthen your brand. Depending on the final contract, we can support your campaign with paid and organic social media activity and/or a dedicated microsite.

Who is it for?

Outsourcing the recruitment process is recommended for companies that:

  • plan to recruit and hire larger number of employees in short time;
  • plan to set up a headquarters in Hungary, but as a foreign company they are not familiar with the domestic labour market;
  • looking for „nieche” candidates with specific skills or knowledge;
  • have lack of capacity to fill vacancies;
  • have a long and unsuccessful search for the right people and would like to develop an effective recruitment system.

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For more information or a personalized offer, please feel free to contact our Commercial Director, Tibor Katona!

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