As the world’s leading international recruitment company, we use our global market knowledge to help organisations recruit the experts they need, now already in contracting area as well.

Our IT Contracting division has been established in Hungary to source the right calibre of experienced IT professionals to work on your diverse projects. Whether you’re looking to recruit Infrastructure, IT Consulting, Development, Business Analysis, Big Data, Cloud or Project Management experts, we can find you those all too elusive skills.


How we work

We have enormous experience in the contracting recruitment field. Last year we placed over 200 thousand contracting candidates worldwide, this equates to over 50% of the total placements made globally.

There are a number of benefits to our mirrored contract model. Firstly, there is no administrative burden, saving you time and money, as the contractor’s credentials, remuneration, engagement and onboarding/offboarding is handled by us. Also, as the contractor is on our payroll, they won’t be considered as part of your headcount. We help to minimize your risk by ensuring every candidate we send for interview has presented original documents to Hays verifying their identity and eligibility to work in your country.

All professional qualifications and accreditations are also double checked. Furthermore, we are also able to provide comprehensive support regarding local labour law and compliance issues. Finally, all costs are fully agreed up front, which enables you to easily manage budgets. You are able to call the shots relating to the contract term as well as your budget requirements. You only pay for what you need. The contracts with our clients and candidates contain the same terms with regards to:

- Run-time
- Service description
- Volume



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Contact us

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