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The competition for the best talent intensifies

In 2022, 94% of companies are planning to hire new workforce. As for the reasons to recruit, employers mentioned primarily business development, which indicates a very positive trend. 32% of companies want to backfill positions, and 8% needs new skilled workforce due to organisational changes.

At the same time, 87% of employers think that finding the right talent will be difficult this year. They see difficulty mainly in bringing the skills gap and keeping up with the competition for the best talent. This is particularly true to candidate-driven segments like technology, engineering and manufacturing, accountancy and finance, or in case of language-speaking jobs. Furthermore, many organisations look to hire experienced managers that have the right skills to lead their teams and transformational projects to success.


of companies think it will be difficult to find skilled talent this year

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Employers and employees agree - 2022 will be the year of pay raises

Companies realized they need to offer competitive compensation and benefits packages to find and retain the best skilled experts. In 2021, 83% of employers increased salaries, while this year 90% of them plan further pay raises.

When looking for a new job, the majority of experts (83%) look for a better salary, while work-life balance and the opportunity to work from home are also among their top priorities. In spite that most employees (71%) are generally happy with their current workplace, 68% expect a pay raise in 2022.

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Get the full picture of today's labour market

The Hays Salary Guide presents you the most comprehensive analysis of the Hungarian labour market. The guide includes insights and analyses, prepared by our specialised recruitment consultants, of fourteen different industries. It also presents you salary ranges for more than 500 positions. The Hays Salary Guide enables you to stay competitive as a business and dynamically advance your career as an expert.

For our study, we used data and insights from hundreds of recruitment projects we conducted for our multinational and SME clients in the private sector in 2021. The report also includes the results of our latest labour market research in which we surveyed over 2000 employers and employees.

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