Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Aim of the function

To generate sales with new and existing non-exclusive distributors and prospects. The Sales Manager is acting within the framework of the sales strategy, main pillars are customer intimacy, segmentation and non-exclusive distribution.


• Carry out the country plan

• Acquire new non-exclusive distributors above boundary level

• Support and expand existing non-exclusive distributors

• Concept selling to the non-exclusive distributors

• Support, coach and instruct the sales of the non-exclusive distributor and the sales representative of the company

• Supportive to account management

Reports to;

Sales Manager reports to the Area Sales Manager

Education and experience

• Bachelor Level;

• English language, level B2

• Three year work experience in a commercial function


Mapping out existing and potential non-exclusive distributors

The number of existing and potential non-exclusive distributors

Country plan

Carry out the country plan for non-exclusive distributors in consultation with the Area Sales Manager

Creating a professional organisation

Concept selling

The total plan of products, services, pricing, presentation, promotions, required logistics etc. for the non-exclusive distributor

The number of concepts which are sold

Mentor of the Sales Representative and/or Merchandiser (only for leading Sales Manager)

• Four times in a year field coaching with each sales representative

• Daily coaching on the job

Customer Satisfaction

The results of a quantitively market research, the degree in which the expectations of the customer have been met.

The number of respondents indicating to be ‘satisfied ‘or ‘very satisfied’.

Customer Relations Management system(CRM)

Plan, register, monitor and guarantee the sales activities.

Up to date completed CRM system.


Learning capacity within the framework of the Sales Development Program

Personal Development (insights)

Sales Skills (KS)

Product Knowledge (E-Learning)


Sales Confidence

Projects an air of confidence when dealing with others and portrays outstanding personal capabilities and talents.

Sales Drive

Has drive and enthusiasm, seems hungry for success, and propels oneself to meet tough targets.

Sales Resilience

Is full of optimism and very resilient, perseveres in the toughest situations, is on the lookout for new opportunities.


Identifies and adopts the most appropriate style to maximise success in sales situations. Is able to relate to clients or prospects.


Listens sympathetically to others and vigilantly observes and interprets people’s behaviour.

Embracing Change

Has the ability to quickly adapt to dramatic and continued changes in the workplace or environment or changes in the way things are done


Willing to work with others and puts the collective interest beyond their own interest. Helps colleagues of own accord and maintains collegiate relationships.

Sales Skills

Developing a Game Plan

• Works with CRM system as a guide

• Compose an annual plan

Schedule Appointments

Making Contact

• ‘Breaking the ice’

• Making people feel comfortable

• Taking initiative to establish new relationships

Building Desire

• Engaging the customer emotionally

• Creating a preference to buy

• Creating a feeling of fondness about a product or service

Creating Options

• Understanding the customer’s needs and can think solution-oriented


• Presenting products and/or solutions engagingly to individuals and customer groups; feeling free of stress and worries

Closing the Sale

• Bringing the business home

• Managing the customer for timely decisions

• Dealing with objections

• Negotiation final price and condition of sale

Satisfying the Customer

• Delivering post sales persistently, relating to the customer

Taking all steps necessary to satisfy the customer

Managing and Growing

• Maintaining the customer relationship after the sales is completed

• Continuously looking to identify new needs and business opportunities

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