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Temporary work solutions

Temporary recruitment service is based on delegating to your company employees selected according to strict criteria. Those candidates become Hays' employees and Hays takes over administration and legal services concerning temporary employment. For the duration of the tasks employed people become our employees. We offer candidates from a wide range of specialisms for a determined period of time or for longer assignments.

Temporary Services

For the recruitment and selection of the best candidate for the temporary assignment Hays follows procedures based on strict criteria, so providing our client a better pool of talent, whilst saving on time and recruitment costs involved with recruiting.

In case of hiring-out, Hays Hungary Ltd. establishes an employment contract with the employee and follows all employment obligations, such as registering the employee, filing and gathering all related documents, transferring salary.

During the temporary assignment Hays ensures a continuous follow-up with the temporary worker, to ensure that administrative and all other obligations related to the employment are met and followed up. Simultaneously, we always remain at our client’s disposal to solve any problems or requests arising, such as modifying the employment contracts, or going out to the client’s site. At the end of each worked month, Hays asks the client to send Hays the timesheet or any additional information of the candidate as per worked in the given period, for payroll processing. Based on this information, Hays pays the monthly salary and/or provides other benefits in kind for the temporary worker, depending on the conditions previously agreed between the client and Hays.

Temp to perm solution

After or during the hiring-out period, your company can establish an employment relationship with the employee, so taking over the candidate to the client’s own payroll.

Payroll Services

If the employee is recruited by your Company, Hays can also provide only payroll services, including the payment of salaries, providing of benefits, contract management, and takes all relevant employer obligations. By outsourcing such duties to Hays, you can save on a high level of administration related to employment.