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The new 2014 Hays Hungary Salary Guide and Market Overview is now available! The comprehensive labour market analysis includes the average, minimum and maximum salary levels associated with typical positions of ten major sectors. It also summarises the most significant economic, technological and recruitment trends shaping the Hungarian labour market in 2014 based on hundreds of recruitment projects conducted by our consultants over the past year.

Updated: 19 Jun 2014


Accountancy and Finance

In the areas of taxation and accountancy, there is still a high demand for English-speaking experts with complex accounting and/or taxation experience. As the manufacturing sector continues to play an outstanding role in Hungary there is a high demand in the financial area, too, for experts with English knowledge who have obtained experience in production. Comprehensive knowledge of accountancy becomes even more sought after as Shared Service Centres keep gaining significance.

Business services

Due to the continuous growth, Hungarian SSCs mainly hire multilingual fresh graduate candidates, and also offer positions for experienced professionals. These companies provide long term career opportunities in the areas of finance, IT helpdesk, customer service, procurement and HR support. We predict increasing demand for French speaking candidates in 2014 and also for the rarer languages such as Dutch, Swedish, Arabic and Norwegian. Demand for trilingual candidates is also expected to increase.

HR and Training

In the field of HR, we witnessed a regional reorganization tendency in 2013. This is primarily due to process optimization and cost reduction efforts. Several companies centralized their strategic HR functions, mostly in Western European headquarters, whereas junior HR functions have mostly remained local. As a consequence of this trend, confident knowledge of English has become an essential requirement towards candidates in HR.

Engineering and Manufacturing

In case of Hungarian manufacturing producers, the most important areas are still the processing industry, the automotive industry and their suppliers, such as rubber, plastic and metal processing industries. In addition to the growth of companies already on the market, more and more foreign companies establish manufacturing units in Hungary so highly qualified engineers speaking foreign languages are more sought after, especially those who speak English or German fluently and have experience at multinational manufacturing firms. Large salary increases can be witnessed in the areas of tooling, CNC and welding within metal processing as a number of engineers working in these areas and mastering foreign languages have relocated outside of the country. Thus there is an increased hiring appetite in these professions: engineers with matching skill sets who stay in Hungary can attain salaries of up to 30-50% higher than the average salary level in this specialism. As for the construction and property industry, in addition to state-run investments, further development can primarily be expected in the areas of water and waste management, agriculture and logistics.

IT and Telecoms

This year again we can expect serious demand for talented and experienced software developers in the domestic market. Java, C# and C++ remain to be the most sought-after programming languages. Besides, we are likely to see a strengthening demand in the area of various web-based and mobile technologies. As a result of increasing entrepreneurship, the start-up sector keeps getting stronger. Developers who are enthusiastic about and willing to take risks to implement new and innovative ideas are becoming more popular in the labour market.

Life Sciences

The commercial activities of pharma companies are changing and turning towards alternative channels such as online and telephone based detailing. Additional skills like fluency in English, computer skills and mobility are becoming more important for pharma employers, while employees also seek flexibility concerning for instance home-based work or flexible time schedules.

Sales and Marketing, Retail, and Logistics

Companies active in retail trade primarily face difficulties when trying to hire middle managerial professionals. Apart from top managers, the most sought-after positions include store managers, deputy store managers and branch leaders.
Just as in the SME sector, multinational companies also experience the necessity of utilising digital devices in addition to traditional marketing tools so there is a growing demand for online experts who have up-to-date knowledge of online trends and tools.
We’ve witnessed that several companies have lately been exhibiting a braver approach regarding their sales teams: there is again more intention and demand to have a higher number of sales experts within companies.
The establishment of new factories and production units are generating new jobs in the field of supply chain as well, both in logistics and procurement. A degree in engineering or economics with a specialization in logistics is typical and preferred in the field of logistics, while an economics degree is typically desired for procurement experts.

If you have any questions, would like to find out more or request your own copy of our 2014 Salary Guide and Market Overview, please get in touch with us via the contact details below:

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