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Szabadság tér 7. Gránit torony 10. emelet, Budapest, Hungary, 1054

MSSQL / Business Intelligence developer


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Reasons for recommendation:

Our candidate has 5+ years of experience with MSSQL database development, including performance tuning, ETL and usage of SSRS and SSIS. His English skills are strong (7,5/10).

Technical summary:

He started his studies in management. During the university he worked as a helpdesk and support agent. He worked with databases here and realised he is more interested in them. He was missing only 2 semester to complete the MSc in management, however he changed the faculty to Business Information Systems (Databases, Data warehousing) and finished the studies here.

He started to work for an international market research company, they conduct paper and online based researches. He was working in an IT team of 4 (2 admin + 1 .NET + him), dealing with the central server and database development. He was alone responsible for database development and administration. He was designing the database structure, transforming and loading (ETL) data from various sources, created smaller applications and interfaces in .NET. As the amount of data increased he optimised the database, improved the stored procedures, did indexing and significantly improved the performance.

He was appointed to the leader of the team and got additional responsibilities (people management, procurement, budgeting), however he was still coding actively.

He made a reporting tool as well in .NET, using C# and SSRS. He used SSIS for OLTP as well actively. He worked less with SSAS.

He left the company due to private and health reasons. He took a longer break and improved his English skills. He returned to the job market. He is interested in databases and searching for a suitable role at the moment. He would like to work for an international firm, focusing on database development. He is also interested in learning more about OLAP.

Personal characteristics:

He is rather introverted but during one-on-one conversation he was talkative and friendly. He is task focused, intelligent, responsible and loyal, he likes working in smaller teams.